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If you now feel like leaving the peace with us for a while, Vadstena is a lovely place. Borrow a bike or take a nice little walk and you'll be in the middle of Rådhustorget in no time. Enjoy a good lunch or an ice cream. Soak up the fantastic surroundings with the monastery and castle, all the shops or a swim. Here we have started a list of some of our favourites. It will be longer!

Rosteriet Vadstena & Barn 206

If you are looking for good coffee - come here. We are devoted coffee drinkers ourselves. 

Beautiful environment, happy people and a visit well worth it!

Under the same roof you will also find Ladugård 206. An experience. In one and the same place you will basically find everything you need in terms of food and drink. Aim and go here, but count on at least an afternoon.

Vadstena Castle & St. Bridget's Monastery Pax Mariae

The basis for Vadstena. The monastery was founded in 1346. The most beautiful of the surroundings. So worth the visit. And if it gets too hot, all you have to do is jump into Vättern. Here you can stroll and quite easily spend a day soaking up the history. 

Spela golf

Diligent golfer? It's not us, but we've understood that it's something you can really do around here. Enjoy!​

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